We Pay Close Attention to Marine Environmental Protection
and Try Our Best to Contribute to It.

We take the ocean as our home, believe in the power of change,
support and promote marine environmental protection with concrete actions.
Please join us for a sustainable future.

What We've Done


In April 2017, we jointly launched the marine environmental protection publicity activity "SAVE OCEAN, ONE MORE CHINESE DIVER" with Jessea Lu and DiveChat, which gets the echo of numerous diving industry personage and support.

At the DRT Shanghai international diving exhibition on April 7, 2017, we held the press conference of this ocean protection publicity activity together with Jessea Lu and DiveChat, and donated nearly 1200 pieces of public welfare sunscreen clothing to a large number of appointed diving instructors and influential diving organizations or diving centers, and 474 pieces of public welfare sunscreen clothing were crowdfunded by the platform of DiveChat. 

We promise that we will donate 20 yuan to the marine protection public welfare for each piece of this sunscreen garment sold. BESTDIVE will disclose its use to the community when uses the funds.

Guangxi Marine Coral Census Activities

BESTDIVE has established a partnership with the Deep Blue Marine Conservation Alliance to support their public welfare activities in the Guangxi Marine coral census jointly conducted with the college of oceanography, Guangxi university.

On October 23, 2018, the "deep blue group" and "Guangdong reef check team" from Beijing, Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi and other places gathered in Weizhou island as the first team to start the survey.

Reef check is conducted mainly in the form of scientific exploration diving, and data are collected by means of field survey records and video records. Compared with recreational diving, scientific exploration diving is less selective for diving sites and sea conditions. During the work of reef check, the volunteers encountered a series of irresistible natural factors such as poor underwater visibility, high buoyancy in the shallow waters of the operation area, low temperature and severe wind and waves. Before each work is carried out, diving equipment will be carefully checked, diving safety and work precautions are trained. They checked and reminded each other, also flexible use of a variety of gestures, signals to communicate with each other and carry out the reef check safely and orderly.