A: Please contact our authorized dealer for purchase.

A: 1. You need to be a professional diving training organization, diving service organization, or professional diving supplies management store (including online store).
   2. You need to understand and agree with our brand spirit of BESTDIVE in detail. You need to promise to actively promote our products in the future distribution cooperation, express your opinions objectively and fairly, actively strengthen communication with us, and do not maliciously or intentionally degrade the image of our brand.
   3. You need to promise your minimum retail price shall not be less than 80% of regular price. You need to mark regular price on E-commerce platform(and the actual sales price is likewise not less than 80% of regular price), and promise not to release "special offer" and "ultra low-cost" malicious price competition and other similar terms in WeChat circle of friends, WeChat group, facebook and other network platform.
   4. When participating in the bidding projects of various enterprises and institutions with our products, you should abide by our minimum price policy and be willing to pay the price guarantee.
   5. Before becoming our distributor, you need to provide us with the following information to input into the computer system: 1) photocopy of business license;2) certificate photos of diving organizations (such as PADI, SSI, CMAS, PFI, AIDA, etc.);3) several photos or network links that reflect the situation of the organization or your diving club;4) the correct address and contact information of your club or diving store ( including business card ).
   6. You need to pay no less than 10,000 yuan for the first purchase.
   7. You need to promise your total order amount after discount is more than RMB 50,000 every 12 months, otherwise we have the right to terminate the distribution cooperation between both parties in the next year, and have the right to consider the development of other dealers.