Brand Story

BESTDIVE, BEST FOR YOU. For a long time , some overseas brands which are OEM in China have dominated the Chinese diving market , forcing Chinese divers to pay a premium high intermediate circulation costs. BESTDIVE, with two decades of experience in designing and producing diving wetsuits for dozens of international brands, established its own brand in Nanjing in 2015. We insist on 100% use of advanced diving materials from world famous diving material manufacturer YAMAMOTO, elaborate design, fine production, and careful service. YAMAMOTO is a 55-year-old Japanese professional dive material manufacturer, and BESTDIVE is the only brand licensed in China by YAMAMOTO.

Jessea (Lu Wenjie), the goddess of free diving who has broken the world record of free diving, won the gold medal of women's all-around free diving in the world for many times, set the national record of China for 29 times and set the Asian record for 4 times, is our brand spokesperson. Lu Wenjie commented on BESTDIVE: "when holding my breath to challenge myself, every drop of physical strength is very valuable, and BESTDIVE's diving suit is like my second skin, giving me a helping hand".

BESTDIVE has become a huge hit in China and southeast Asia diving market . In September 2017, the BESTDIVE freediving depth competition was successfully held in PANGLAO, the Philippines. BESTIVE wetsuits are frequently used by athletes of the World Cup, Asian cup and China cup in freediving competitions, and also used by many international and domestic freediving masters. Lu Wenjie, BESTDIVE spokesperson,broke the world record in 2019 Asian cup freediving depth competition , and Chinese freediving master Sendoh broke the Asian record again in this competition. They both use the BESTDIVE wetsuits in competitions and daily training .The diving associations of Peking University and Tsinghua University designated BESTDIVE as their only wetsuits brand. More than 80% of freediving training institutions in China and a considerable number of scuba diving institutions choose BESTDIVE wetsuits. In 2018, BESTDIVE was named "most popular domestic brand" by the ADEX expert group and awarded a trophy.

BESRDIVE, DO THE BEST. We will always adhere to the ingenuity, intimate care to your every dive.