Jessea Lu

Peking University undergraduate and PhD in America.

29 national records.

6 freediving national championships.

Founder of xuanpu international diving college.

PFI international freediving coach and training officer.

PFI Asia chairman.

The first Chinese to break the freediving record.

Best results

By June 2019

8'01'' Static(STA)
200 m Dynamic(DYN)
150 m Dynamic No Fins(DNF)
83 m Constant Weight(CWT)
60 m Constant Weight No-Fins(CNF)
86 m Free Immersion(FIM)

About Jessea Lu


A native of Changzhou, Jiangsu province, she now lives in Hawaii, USA. Life sciences department of Beijing university graduates, genetic pharmacology and clinical pharmacology PhD, Asia's first PFI free diving coaches, PFI Head coach of Asia region, The first Chinese to break the free diving record, six national champion, 29 countries records creators, four Asian record holder, XuanPu international freediving college founder, BESTDIVE global brand spokesperson.

Synchronicity with the blue ocean

In 2010, Jessea fell in love with diving in Hawaii and became fascinated with the dreamlike blue sea world. Since then, her work and life have been inseparable with the ocean.She participated in the underwater research work of science and diving team, engaged in underwater photography model, shooting underwater films, enthusiastic about the underwater research work of the ocean and marine public welfare undertakings, dedicated to freedive training and international diving teaching, and participated in international free diving competitions.

Advance bravely

Over the years, she has broken her own six national records in women's freediving 29 times, and broke the world record in the Asian cup in June. She was praised by many media as "national record manufacturing machine" and "Chinese goddess of free diving". In January 2017, Lu Wenjie challenged the extreme sea conditions in the Antarctic and successfully completed a number of free dives in the icy waters of Antarctic fresh water and seawater, becoming the first free diver in the Antarctic in the history of China. Lu- Wenjie usually wears BESTDIVE wetsuits when trains, teaches and participates in various international competitions. "When holding my breath and challenging myself, each drop of energy is very valuable," Lu said, "BESTDIVE's suit is like my second skin, giving me a hand."